#6 REVIEW – Aldi

Once again I’m living by the teachings of RESET by David Sawyer in a bid to optimise our savings. Last weekend we took on Aldi and here is my brief summary of what you can expect:

  1. A very poor experience if you take your 1-year-old and no pound coin for the trollies. We had to carry the considerable lump around with us whilst trying to do our big shop using just two baskets, somewhat tainting the whole experience
  2. A very full car park.
  3. It will be very busy on a Saturday lunchtime. Footfall was bonkers and a little annoying in some key areas as it takes a while to get anywhere
  4. Good quality food for less – I can safely say that after eating the wares this week, I have yet to die.
  5. You will probably leave without everything on your list – it was busy, the staff were good at topping up but just cannot keep up with the demand. They will not have the items you would typically find in a superstore of course.
  6. No pitta bread – I mean seriously. See previous posts about the importance of this.
  7. Rapid cashiers – I couldn’t keep up with the pace and with very little space to put the swiped goods so my bagging was not optimal. nb. I squashed the bread much to the annoyance of Mrs M.
  8. It’s better than Lidl. It just seemed more organised in my opinion, but that might be a reflection of our local stores and staff

Once my wife and I recovered from our tense experience (where I took the blame re. the trolley as I should clearly have done my research into this beforehand 🙂 ) and after taking stock, my wife summarised its definitely cheaper and we’ve saved money – annoying we cannot tell by how much since we lost the receipt. She is not sure if the brands are as healthy as the major chains (I suspect they are the same) but is willing to go again.

I think that is a result. Next time, we’ll go earlier… with a pound coin.

2 thoughts on “#6 REVIEW – Aldi

  1. Hi Matt, great post. Stick at it re: the discount foodstores, they’re great. Here are a few suggestions. 1. If you forget your pound (which I do often) just ask the till operator, they always give you one, negating the need for comedy one-year-old-and-two-basket shenanigans. 2. Leave a pound in your glove compartment. 3, Don’t make it a family outing (I sometimes take the kids along, though). 4. Don’t go on a Saturday. If you must, go around 09:15 so you time it to get to the till just after 10, when you can buy your beer/wine. 5. The food quality is great. 6. First time I went to Aldi, I found the whole till experience v. stressful too: I didn’t return for years. The trick is to take 10 or so of those bombproof crinkly bags pre-arranged in your trolley, once you have your food on the belt. Then treat the whole thing as a game, eg, “beat Quick Draw McGraw” I call it. 7. If you want to get everything from one shop, you’re better off with Lidl (slightly better selection), but (and this is where NOT having your family with you is a bonus) the optimum is the full LAHs. 8. If you live in a city or large town it’s likely there are a few Aldis and Lidls, and H+Ms, and HBs. If you’re up for the LAHs, plan your optimum route (I also find that Morrisons is best for petrol so add that on for good measure). 9. The new Lidls are positively Waitrosian, so in terms of shopping experience, Lidl has the slight edge (this may not be the case near you though). 10. Always keep the receipt, and as you progress, you’ll see even more cost savings, albeit Aldi and Lidl tend to price-match each other on the most popular foodstuffs. Hope this helps, Matt. Vive la RESET!


    1. When I first went to Aldi I looked up every item from my receipt on the Sainburys website afterwards and almost everything was much cheaper, by an average of 30%. So a £100 Sainburys shop would only cost £70 at Aldi. In reality the savings are even greater than that because Aldi simply doesn’t stock a lot of fancy products so they didn’t even show up on my Aldi receipt for comparison.


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