#5 Siriusly (sic) Learning to Hold my Nerve

I told you I was changing my investment strategy based on the learnings of David Sawyers RESET book. That selling off of all my existing investments and re-investments is now complete. Well….nearly.

I need to hold my hand up and say that I still have two shares in my portfolio that were recommended to me. They represent just under 10% of my total portfolio, and I will be getting rid of them at the earliest opportunity but I wanted to give them some time to get back to at least parity as both were slightly in the red (both roughly minus 2-3%). First being Scottish Mortgage Investment Trust (ok, not strictly a share) and the second Sirius Materials.

This is the picture as of this morning.


Note the funds are all down, but that doesn’t concern me since the markets have tanked everywhere over the last few days. But fudge me, Sirius has really taken a hit. The reason for the severe drop is due to the embarrassing revelation that they had seriously under-costed two major construction projects. The question is: DO I THROW MORE MONEY AT IT NOW?

What would you do?





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