#3 Book Review: RESET – How to Restart Your Life and Get F.U. Money by David Sawyer

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The Unconventional Early Retirement Plan for Midlife Careerists Who Want to Be Happy  Kindle Edition. £2.95.  Buy on Amazon

David’s ZudePR blog

Reading is my new thing. I chanced upon Ann Wilson – The Wealth Chef and whilst I couldn’t get on with her writing style AT ALL (there are only so many references to food one can take), I do credit her with the initial inspiration for my newfound obsession with my financial future.

I’ve started many books on many different but related subjects since, but the first I’ve truly finished (without skipping boring bits) was this one. It’s very new (it was published 29th August 2018) which had instant appeal to me, but also its UK focussed. The world is awash with US authors/bloggers on this subject but its refreshing that he ignores this and talks to me and not the mass market. Not only is his writing style engaging but I was more surprised that this is not just a book about money and growing it to be financially free, but a guidebook to life.

OK, that sounds dramatic, but it really struck a chord with me. Whilst we do not share the same career, his story is remarkably similar.

I don’t actually just want money, I want to be happy, I want to find meaning in life, I want to stop being so lazy, I want to not have to worry about my job, I want more in a nutshell.

Sections on Happiness, Purpose, Finding Your Why are not new in this genre, but I hadn’t seen anyone touch on Future-Proofing your career by learning about digital (applies to any career) or De-cluttering (your mind….and house obviously). I particularly liked that he has walked the walk and fed back on the benefits of each of these on his and his family’s life outside of the obvious benefits. It was inspiring.

Perhaps the measure of any of these sorts of books is what have I actually done as a result of reading it. So here is my list:

  1. Signed up to Money Dashboard and linked my and my wife cash accounts – I can now see exactly what we have in one place. Its revolutionary for me. HIGHLY RECOMMEND
  2. Ordered Marie Kondo – The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying (my next book)
  3. Planning to go shopping in Lidl and Aldi rather than Morrisons to shave £100’s from monthly grocery shop – If they can do wholemeal pitta bread on par with Morrisons, I’m converted.
  4. In the process of consolidating my old pensions into a SIPP – I had previously tried to optimise the investment selections but realised they are not diversified correctly and I want to control the 3 of them under one plan.
  5. Sold my entire fund portfolio – OH YEAH, quite a big one. I had previously tried to emulate suggestions from Andrew Craig’s How to Own the World, but I got sidetracked by Trustnet’s fund recommendations and didn’t split them globally correctly. I figured lets just start again and stick to a tried and tested plan suggested in this book
  6. Sold all my sons shares in his Junior ISA so to reinvest properly – as per 5

The Investing section is clearly the big one and his practical advice on exactly what funds to invest in and in what exact proportion is precisely what I’ve not seen anywhere else. I just want to copy someone and not let my amateurism get in my way.

I trust him because he reads a helluva lot. The references throughout are vast and varied. From financial heavyweights to blogging heavyweights and I can see a healthy mix of independent thought on each topic. It just feels like he takes the best bits.

I really hope I do not read any other books that contradict all this as I cannot be bothered to keep selling my funds and restarting every week, and I really don’t think I will read anything on this subject for a while now because I feel I have a guidebook I will refer back to time and time again. Better to focus on other things like Affiliate Marketing for this blog, investing in business, Marie Kondo’s book. I mean seriously, if I read that, my wife will think I’ve gone insane. I hope she likes the new me.